Ombré VS Balayage - All you need to know

Holly, Style Director at Joanne Hairdressing Canford Heath Salon (@hair.bear.bunch) explains the ‘Differences between Ombré and Balayage?’, ‘Why this Colouring Technique is so popular?’ and ‘How to Care for your Balayage?’ after you leave the Salon.

Balayage by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing Salons

Balayage by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing Salons

What’s the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

Ombré tends to be a HIGH contrast between darker roots and lighter ends. 

Ombré also tends to start the transition from dark to light further down the hair length than balayage, for example; lighter hair colour from the cheek bone or jawline down to the tip.

In comparison, the Balayage technique generally starts closer to the roots and is typically very blendable. Giving an overall ‘softer’ look than ombré. 

Ombre by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing Salons

Ombre by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing Salons

Why is Balayage so popular?

Balayage Hair Colouring Techniques were made popular by celebrities such as Amanda Holden, Khloe Kardashian and even Cheryl rocked the look.

Balayage is even more popular now because of its LOW MAINTENANCE compared to highlights. This makes it a great alternative way to go blonde/lighten hair; without the need for such regular highlight applications.

Balayage leaves an “exposed root” so you aren’t tied to your regrowth for maintenance appointments. Typically balayage services will last 8-12 weeks, rather than the 6-8 weeks you may be used to with services such as highlights or a global application of blonde hair colour. 

Balayage is a very NATURAL LOOK and can add depth and dimension to even fine hair.

How to care for your Balayage?

Keeping your balayage looking fresh is a priority but shouldn’t be seen as a chore. The most frequently asked question is “Will my balayage fade?”. Technically no, but the TONER the stylist used on your bright blonde ends will. Toners are used to soften, brighten, add cool, warm or ashy tones to lightened ends and to remove unwanted yellow or brassy tones. Typically toners will last around 4 weeks but this depends on the shade and how often you wash your hair. 

If you feel like the tone has faded from your hair fear not, you can book a tone refresh in salon between services and the great news is; this may be ALL YOU NEED to give your hair a total lift! Silver or VIOLET pigmented shampoos are also a brilliant way to help your toner last longer at home. We recommend Kerastase’s Blond Absolu Range for softer blondes and the Milkashake range for a stronger silver tone. Just ask your stylist.  

Keeping the condition of your new balayage is imperative for GORGEOUS COLOUR AND SHINE which will enhance your look and prepare your hair for the next service, be it a work in progress you’re going through with your stylist or your usual balayage maintenance. We recommend L’Oréal’s smartbond treatment to use at home. These amazing products help reconnect the bonds in the hair and protect them against breakage, keeping hair stronger, shinier and softer for longer. All hail professional hair care!

Are there different types of Balayage?

Every balayage is different because every head of hair is different, we tailor the technique we use for balayage on each client’s desired look. Although balayage is traditionally created by hand painting the hair in an open air process for a brighter more defined look, for ladies with brunette hair your stylist may opt for “foilyage” (balayage done in a foil packet to increase lift. )

Balayage can be a brighter, more defined or high contrast look or super soft and subtle depending on your desired goal.

Soft Balayage by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing Salons

Soft Balayage by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing Salons

How much does Ombré and Balayage cost?

Because ombré and balayage are BESPOKE Colouring Services and are therefore different for every client, the price of your service is determined by your current hair style, length and colour and your desired finished look. At Joanne Hairdressing we offer our clients a FREE one to one consultation with your stylist prior to colouring services, this way we can ensure you are getting the hair colour you REALLY WANT.

Why should I have Ombré or Balayage applied professionally?

Balayage and Ombré are professional hair colouring techniques and should not be attempted at home. Using a lightener bought from the Supermarket/High Street can cause serious damage to your hair. If you are naturally dark haired you run a very high risk of ending up with orange and yellow ends rather than that creamy beige tone you’re dreaming of. Trust me, we’ve seen it MANY times! The truth is; you will spend more money trying to fix the result in the Salon afterwards than if you had paid a professional stylist to help you get the look you’re after in the first place. We really do care about your hair.

Therefore, if you have attempted it at home and you’ve had a balayage/ombré DISASTER . . . DON’T PANIC! We have an awesome reputation for our COLOUR CORRECTION Services and will help you to rectify the problem and achieve the Balayage/Ombré of your dreams! 

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We’d LOVE TO KNOW if this Blog Post has helped you with your Balayage/Ombré questions, please tell you stylist.

Thank you for reading,

Holly, Style Director @ Joanne Hairdressing Canford Heath

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