Hair Extensions - How do they work and how to take care of them?

Holly, Style Director at Joanne Hairdressing Canford Heath Salon (@hair.bear.bunch) explains Hair Extensions; what are the different types of fittings? How are they are matched to your hair colour? Pricing and How to look after them once you leave the salon?

Hair Extensions fitted by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Hair Extensions fitted by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

What are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

At Joanne Hairdressing in Dorset, we offer two types of Hair Extensions; ‘Stick-Tip’ (also known as ‘I-Tip’ and ‘Micro-Bead’ extensions) and ‘Tape-In’ extensions.

Stick-Tip Extensions fitted by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Stick-Tip Extensions fitted by Holly, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Stick-Tip/Micro-Bead Extensions

These extensions are fitted using a bead or tube, clamped onto the hair using a special tool, without the need for glue or heat. Very small sections of hair are used in this application to match the strand size of the extensions, which makes them perfect for highlighted or multi-tonal hair. This method is considered one of the safest on the market and if correctly fitted and cared for at home, will cause no damage to your natural hair (more on caring for your extensions later). This type of extension application flows fluently with your natural hair and are virtually undetectable, even when your hair is up - win!

A full-head application of this method typically takes around 2 hours.

Tape-In Hair Extensions, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Tape-In Hair Extensions, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Tape-In Extensions

These extensions are fitted via an adhesive tape that lines the top of the extension. A section of your hair is then laid on this and another extension is placed on top; effectively ‘sandwiching’ your hair in between the two.

Tape extensions lay totally flat to the head and again are virtually undetectable even when the hair is up. They are so comfortable to wear that the majority of our clients say they forget they even have them in once they’ve been fitted! This method of application is also one of the safest on the market and is extremely popular due to the fast fitting time. Typically a full head of tape-in extensions takes only one hour to fit - high five to that!

How much do Hair Extensions Cost?

A consultation is required with your stylist prior to fitting. This is FREE as part of the Hair Extension process. Your stylist will consider your needs for length, thickness, colour and how many extensions you need to achieve your desired finished look. Once this has been established and your hair has been colour matched we will provide a quote for the application, including fitting costs and maintenance.

Hair Extensions Colour Ring, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Hair Extensions Colour Ring, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

How do you match the Hair Extensions to my Hair Colour?

At Joanne Hairdressing we use a stunning hair extension swatch ring to help us visually colour match your hair to the perfect shade of extension. This ring also shows you the quality and ‘feel’ of the hair that makes up the extensions. The colour range includes over 20 shades and includes Ombre and bright fashion shades. So matching your colour is a breeze! However, if you require a more custom shade, we can help with that too! We can custom colour your extensions to your personal preference - ta dah!

How long do Hair Extensions last and how to look after them?

100% of our clients who have had hair extensions fitted are happy with the outcome. Hair extensions can make you feel more confident and can drastically improve hair length, thickness and colour. The quality of the hair used in our extensions is one of the highest available, and used by celebrities including Amy Childs.

The hair will last up to one year with correct maintenance and aftercare at home. Your stylist will be able to advise you on a home hair care routine, specifically designed for hair extensions. You should have maintenance every six to eight weeks to prevent damage to your extensions and natural hair. See more after care tips further down . . .

Hair Extensions in Short Hair, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Hair Extensions in Short Hair, Joanne Hairdressing, Dorset

Can Hair Extensions be fitted to Short Hair?

Yes! We recommend having at least 4 inches of natural hair growth before having hair extensions fitted. Extensions can be used to add length to short hair, including bobs, to create a more angled/inverted look and they are perfect for adding extra thickness to short, finer, hair styles.

Can I Treat my Hair Extensions like my own Hair?

The beauty of both these fitting methods is you can treat your extensions much like you would your own hair. However, we strongly advise using a Heat Protector (link needed) when using hair dryers and heat styling tools - but you do this anyway right? If not, you really should! Stay protected people!

When washing your extensions you should never tip your head over the bath or wash your hair upside down. This will cause matting and damage your extensions, always wash your hair extensions standing up straight in the shower or book in at the salon.

Sulphate free products are a MUST! Sulphate in shampoo and conditioners will cause your extensions to prematurely slip or fall out - eek! We recommend the Zen Luxury Extension Aftercare Range or alternatively; Joanne Hairdressing stock a great range of Sulphate-Free L’Oreal products which will also be safe to use with your new extensions.

Brushing is also important when wearing extensions. Brushing your hair in the morning and before bed is compulsory in keeping in keeping tangles and matting at bay. We also recommend wearing your hair in a plait at night to keep tangle free.

Plait your Hair Extensions at night to protect from tangling

Plait your Hair Extensions at night to protect from tangling

Where does the Hair in the Extensions come from?

Our suppliers source the hair for your hair extensions ethically from China. The hair is then treated and double or triple drawn for a beautiful cuticle retained for hair extensions. Single drawn hair extensions are thicker at the top and then thinner at the bottom which can make them look ‘straggly’. Double and Triple drawn extensions have been through a process which maintains the thickness of the hair throughout the extension from top to tip.

Can I go swimming with Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can swim with hair extensions. However, swimming in chlorinated pools can cause damage and dryness to your natural hair so this will replicate in your extensions. We recommend tying your hair up on top of your head and keeping your hair above water or wearing a swimming cap (how dashing!) to prevent any damage to your extensions. The same applies for swimming in the sea as the salt can also dry out our extensions prematurely. Remember to wash your hair straight after swimming to restore any lost moisture.

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